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10 Mind-Blowing Alternatives to Traditional Campfire S’mores the Whole Family Will Love

What’s camping without a campfire, and what’s a campfire without s’mores? While nothing beats that just-right combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow, sometimes it’s just plain fun to mix things up and try something new, like these mind-blowing alternatives to traditional campfire s’mores.

Campfire S'mores | Ingredients for Campfire S’mores

Psst: Read all the way to the end to get the ingredients for Grown-Up Campfire S’mores.
  1. 1. Walking S’mores (similar to a Walking Taco or Texas Frito Pie): Add roasted marshmallows and chocolate pieces to a single-serve bag of Teddy Grahams.
  2. 2. Strawberry Shortcake S’mores: Substitute graham crackers for shortbread cookies and add fresh sliced strawberries.
  3. 3. Cookie Dough S’mores: Add edible cookie dough to the traditional campfire s’mores.
  4. 4. Sweet and Salty S’mores: Pretzel thins add a bit of salty goodness to the sweet treat. Another alternative is to use Ritz crackers instead of graham crackers.
  5. 5. Elvis S’mores: Supposedly, Elvis favored banana, peanut butter, and bacon sandwiches. Add sliced bananas, peanut butter, and bacon to your traditional s’more and make a campfire toast to the King of Pop.
  6. 6. Open-Faced Rice Krispie Treat S’mores: That’s a mouthful, and so is this s’more if you attempt a traditional sandwich version. Sub two graham crackers for one square of Rice Krispie treat. Top it with chocolate and a roasted marshmallow.
  7. 7. Tropical Paradise S’mores: Ingredients include graham crackers, a pineapple slice, a white chocolate piece, and a toasted coconut marshmallow. Kraft makes Jet-Puffed Mallow Bites Toasted Coconut Marshmallows.
  8. 8. Lemon Meringue Pie S’mores: Enjoy a bite-sized pie with graham crackers, a spoonful of lemon curd, and a marshmallow.
  9. 9. Caramel Apple S’mores: We can’t forget the caramel! Sandwich apple slices, dulce de leche, and a roasted marshmallow between two graham crackers.
  10. 10. Bailey’s S’mores (a.k.a. Grown-Up Campfire S’mores): Spike your toasted marshmallow by dipping it into a cup of Bailey’s Irish Cream before completing your s’more.
An Appetite for Pizza and S’mores

After a full day of tubing on the San Marcos River, you and the family are sure to work up an appetite back at your campsite, treehouse, or cabin at Leisure Resort. Opt for a hearty dinner on the BBQ, or if you’re too tired to cook, Leisure Resort’s camp store sells Hunt Brothers Pizza by the slice, or get a whole pie to go. Then try one or more of these mind-blowing campfire s’mores before resting up for another day on the river.

We Can’t Wait to Hear What S’more You Like Best!

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