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6 Top Tips for Camping with Friends

If there was such a thing as a universal camping bible, one chapter would have to be camping with friends. Camping with your “chosen family” is different that solo camping or with your blood family. That said, you’ll want to leave the trip with the same great relationship with your besties and buddies that you had going in. After all, anytime you add another human to your vacation time, things get complicated. Namely planning and compromise!

8 Lessons Learned by Newbie Campers

Remember that very first night under the stars on your maiden camping trip? Perhaps the reason it was so memorable is that it didn’t go the smoothest. No matter how much you plan ahead of time or read up on what to do during a camping trip, something inevitably goes wrong. But doesn’t that just make you that much wiser for the next trip?

Why Staying in a Treehouse is So Darn Awesome

Treehouses bring about visions of a fun childhood. But have you been in one as an adult? Lodging in a treehouse has been a trend for years and it’s only gaining in popularity when people discover just how cool it is to spend the night above ground in nature.

While spending the night in a treehouse is really charming, there are many other reasons why staying in a treehouse is so wonderful.

Do’s and Don’ts When Exploring Our National Parks

In June of 2021, over 31 million people visited one of the many national parks in America just in that month alone. That’s a lot, don’t ya think? You may have heard over the past couple of years that park attendance has been increasing, and that trend shows no signs of stopping this year and into the future.

Clothes to Pack for Full-time RV Living

This blog is for both guys and gals. Whether you are new to the RV lifestyle or are a seasoned pro, it can still be tough to figure out clothing essentials to take with you, because news flash! You have limited space.

So, if you want to know how to make living in a camper easier, you must choose wisely.

Mistakes RV Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

The RV life is a wonderful one, where many adventures await. You can explore new landscapes, new states, enjoy magnificent views and the freedom of life on the road. If you are new to RVing, you will want to learn all you can, especially from others who have been around the block, the tips and … Continued

Upcoming Events Near Leisure Resort

  The days are getting longer and the mercury is inching ever upward here in Texas Hill Country. Time to think about getting out and discovering all this area has to offer. From live music to unique shopping, to nature, to beer runs and more, there’s a little somthin’ for everyone near Leisure Resort.   … Continued

7 Reasons to Consider Full-time RV living

Living in an RV affords one the freedom of travel while still enjoying the comforts of home. But the bottom line is that making the choice to live full-time in your RV should not come lightly. It is a definitely lifestyle choice. Whether you are thinking about making the transition or have already done so … Continued

RV Storage Tips – Organizing your Space

Whether you’re living the full-time RV lifestyle or are more of a weekend warrior, organizing your small RV space makes living easier. By keeping everything in order you will help take a ton of stress out of your daily life and have a more enjoyable RV living experience. But RV storage ideas are only as … Continued

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