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Fun in Fentress for Kids of All Ages

Texas Hill Country is full of surprising sights and natural wonders. How about a cave created by an ancient earthquake? Fun in Fentress for kids, fascinating for adults, and not far from Leisure Resort on the San Marcos River.

Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park

A one-of-a-kind adventure park in San Marcos! It offers cave tours, train rides through the wildlife park, an anti-gravity house, gem mining, food trucks, and an arcade room.

  • The Cave Tour – It’s always 72˚ underground in the cave. The only real earthquake cave open to the public, it’s an eye-opener to the powerful forces of nature. Prehistoric fossils encased in the strata formations and boulders seemingly suspended in mid-air are just a few of the spectacular sights you’ll see.
  • Mystery Mountain Waterfall & Texas Wildlife Petting Park – All aboard! The express train will bring you directly to deer and other friendly animals who want to eat from your hand.
  • Anti-Gravity House – It’s a topsy-turvy world where things that go up don’t always come down and water flows uphill!
  • The Stratavator – Exit Wonder World Cave on the Stratavator – a special elevator designed to showcase the many different rock strata on your 190 foot ascent from the bottom of the cave to the Observation Museum in the Sky. See all the geologic landmarks of Texas Hill Country, including the forces that shaped the Wonder Cave eons ago.

    Lots more to do there too! Your family will love it! Here’s what Angela M had to say…

    “This was the most exciting, educational, and off-the-beaten-path attraction we have been to in a long time. The guided tours were amazing. Our tour guide made sure everyone, from kids to adults, was having a good time learning and having fun. She even took the time to take photos so the whole family could be in the picture!! How awesome is that?!

    I highly recommend that you explore all aspects of this park. You will not be disappointed!”

Give yourself 2 – 3 hours to enjoy Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park. It’s at 1000 Prospect Street, San Marcos, TX 78666-4096. Need directions or more info? Call Wonder World at (512) 392-3760.

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