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River Tubing Tips

Central Texas isn’t the parched wasteland some think it is. In fact, we’re swimming with rivers here, both literally and figuratively. Here in the Austin-San Marcos area, we have plenty of water to enjoy. From the San Marcos to the Guadalupe to the Colorado, and even the Pedernales and Barton Creek the rare times they’re running, Texans know how to beat the heat by cooling off with some lazy tubing!

Done right, tubing down a river is fun and safe. Make it a cool day in both senses of the word, with some dos and don’ts when it comes to tubing.

River Tubing Tips | Full-service River Resort

Things To Do

Whether you go on your own or with us here at Leisure Resort, make sure everything’s included. That means the essentials: shuttling, coolers, ice, waterproofing phones and cameras, and knowing put-in and take-out spots.

Bring Sunglasses That Don’t Sink

Sunglasses are light and made of plastic, so they won’t sink, right? Wrong! Most sunglasses will sink, so bring a pair that won’t or add a neck strap.

Pack Light and Pack It Out

The less you have to deal with, the more time you have for fun. Don’t count on finding trash receptacles at places you stop; bring a bag for your trash and leave the river cleaner than you found it.

Fuel Your Body

Bring enough food to keep you going for the time you plan to spend on the river. Keep it simple; remember that less is more.

Have Enough To Drink, and More

Rivers get a lot of sun, so you will, too. Have at least twice the amount of water you think you’ll need, and make sure it’s in a sturdy container. Don’t let a minor bump into a rock leave you thirsty for hours!

Know the Water Levels

Before you put in, know what the water levels are and whether they are too low to be fun or too high to be safe.

Keep Separated

By this, we mean don’t tie you and your friends into a single caravan. As fun as that might sound, once someone gets stuck, everyone can get stuck, and if current or levels are dangerous, everyone could be in danger.

Keep Small Children Safe and Close

They should never be on a tube alone, and they should always wear life preservers. Period.

Protect Your Skin

Tubing under the Texas sun is great fun, but it can be hard on your skin. Before you get on the water, apply waterproof sunscreen, and carry it along to reapply as needed.

Leave Essentials and Valuables Behind

Wallets, purses, cash, car keys, expensive or heirloom jewelry, etc… Just secure them out of sight in the car.

Things Not To Do

  • Don’t Use Glass and Styrofoam.

    Do we have to explain? Beer, wine, booze, and other beverages come in cans and plastic bottles; please use them and protect the resource we love.

  • Don’t Go in Flip-Flops.

    Yeah, we know they’re comfy and convenient, but they also slip off really easily. Closed-toed and closed-heeled waterproof shoes are best.

  • Don’t Pack More Than You Need

    Light and free is the way to go on a river. The more you bring, the more you’re weighed down and maybe getting stuck. You don’t need the kitchen sink; all you need is a cooler!

  • Don’t Hug the Trees

    Hey, we love Mother Nature, too, but grabbing a tree while tubing is a great way to get stuck or get pulled out. Watching your tube float away downstream isn’t too heartwarming! Actually, avoid trees as much as you possibly can since they often are hazards.

Are you ready to come play on the river?

Awesome! We’re a full-service river resort with all the gear and shuttling you’ll need plus options from day trips to overnight stays in cabins, tent sites, and RV sites.

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