Tube Rentals

Enjoy the picturesque views of our countryside floating down the San Marcos River in a tube!

River Tube Information

River tubes are available to rent from the campground. Rentals are for the day and are due back at 7:00 PM. All tube rentals include free shuttle service for the day.

Shuttle service is available every hour on the hour beginning at 10:00 am with the last shuttle at 6:00 pm. All equipment must be returned by 7:00 pm.

Shuttle service is provided for guests with personal tubes for $10.00 per person.

Lifejackets are available for rent for both adults and children.

  • Tube $14
  • Lifejacket $6

Tubing Tips

  • Know the water before you enter it! Conditions at the campground are usually what you encounter on the float. If you are not able to control your tube or are not comfortable in the water, do not go for a float trip.
  • Do not tie tubes together. If one person gets caught by a tree, everyone gets caught.
  • Small children should either ride with an adult or have a tube with a bottom with an adult holding on to them. Lifejackets are suggested.
  • Do not take keys, money, or pets on your float.
  • Coolers are allowed on the river, but please do not bring glass bottles.
  • Do not grab on to a tree in the water. Paddle away from trees as soon as you see them. Grabbing a tree will only bring you to a stop while your tube continues downstream.
  • Be smart, be safe, have fun!