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Morgan’s Wonderland – An Amusement Park for People of Every Ability

Drive west of Leisure Resort on I-10 to San Antonio and you will find Morgan’s Wonderland – a truly wonderful amusement park where people of every ability – including those with special needs – can enjoy more than 25 Ultra-Accessible™ rides and attractions.

All rides are wheel-chair compatible. They include…

  • Sensory Village™ – a community built on make-believe that encourages creative play.
  • Butterfly Playground – swing, spin, and slide.
  • The Wharf – try catch-and-release fishing in the fully-stocked 8-acre lake, aim water cannons at twirling targets, or pilot remote-controlled pirate ships.

  • Whirling Wonder – A 12-gondola Ferris wheel that can accommodate children and adults in wheelchairs.
  • Wonderland Express – Gather at the 1930s-style train depot to climb aboard the Wonderland Express, which pulls multiple railcars equipped with specially designed, wheelchair-accessible ramps.
  • Sand Circle & Music Garden – Special wheelchair-accessible diggers allow guests to move material and make a sandy masterpiece. Compose an outdoor symphony with percussion instruments that fill the air with the sounds of bells, chimes, and rhythmic beats.
  • Carousel – Take a spin on the colorful, 36-foot-in-diameter carousel, which enables kids and adults of differing abilities to fully experience the fun of a merry-go-round. Specially-designed “chariots” enable guests in wheelchairs to go up and down and enjoy the ride just like everyone else.
  • And so many more, including Wheel-chair Swings, Amphitheater, and Picnic Place.

The Morgan’s Wonderland Story

In 2005, Morgan Hartman, a child with physical and cognitive challenges was trying to play with other vacationing children in a hotel swimming pool, but the other kids weren’t interested in playing with her.

Then and there, her parents Gordon and Maggie Hartman, resolved to create opportunities and places where those with and without disabilities could come together not only for fun but also for a better understanding of one another. Just 5 years later, the dream became reality.

The Grand Opening of Morgan’s Wonderland was in April 2010. It was the world’s first theme park designed with special-needs individuals in mind and built for everyone’s enjoyment.


There is NO admission charge for those with special needs, whether children or adults. Morgan’s Wonderland is located at 5223 David Edwards, San Antonio, Texas 58233. Call (210) 495-5888 for directions or more information.

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